Passionate. Authentic. Unique.

Can you remember the last performance where everyone in the audience was absolutely captivated and awe-struck, sitting  there with goose bumps and knowing that they had entered a world of wonders?

Some artists simply fill the entire room with energy, presence and passion. Because their spirits are in harmony with a much greater spirit that is speaking through them.

What can you do to make your audience hold its breath, think new thoughts, feel themselves delightfully alive?

I will accompany you along the way as you seek and find those powerful demonic forces to awaken the divine fire. I'll help you to make the heart manifest and you will be amazed at the enormous potential which is lying dormant in you.

As an actress and as a musician, I have performed on the stage and on the radio. Since 1999, I have been working internationally with performing artists. In developing elocution and stage presence, from audition training up to the premiere - I will accompany you with passion.

In order to optimize my coaching skills, I have analyzed the artistic effectiveness of performers in great detail and repeatedly asked myself why some actresses and singers use their words to touch me, charm me, move me, while others fail to do so.
Combining extensive research and years of intensive individual work with performers, I have developed and honed my unique coaching methods.

Truthfulness and authenticity have the highest priority for me.

I support you in developing your personal potential to touch your audience very deeply. I am looking forward to sharing with you my knowledge, my dedication, and my enthusiasm.


Waltraud Österreicher

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